WordPress Vs Blogger Which is Better For Beginners


Today We Will Discuss About WordPress VS Blogger and Which is Better For Beginners and These Following is Difference Between WordPress and Blogger

WordPress Vs Blogger

Introduction Of WordPress VS Blogger


A blog is an informational website that published on the World Wide Web consisting of distinctive, often informal diary text style entries (post).

Blogger is better than WordPress when you have to create a blog for no other reason than you want to write, in a nutshell  .If you are agree with limited features offered by Blogger platform, then Blogger is great choice than WordPress.


WordPress is a free content administration system that used to build and maintain websites. WordPress is easy to use and has unique features that helped it to become a successful and popular tool on the web.

WordPress platform is better than Blogger, when you to make money or to create a long term effect .WordPress allow to you to do everything that you want.

User Facility ( WordPress VS Blogger )


Blogger is best for beginners and casual bloggers. A blog you can start free and you can understand what blogging is all about. But before going ahead on your blogging journey, and then consider switching to WordPress.


The WordPress.com is also free and great for beginners and casual blogging. It will help you to access to the WordPress and blogging general. However, it is limited. If you want to use your site for business purposes, then you will need to move onto the premium plans.



A free WordPress.com has features such that;

  •     A blog, static or hybrid (part blog, part static) website which you can switch into full-on.
  •    A free WordPress has 3GB free storage for posts and media.
  •     It is free for tracking visitors.
  •     You can access hundreds of non-premium themes, several can be customized further.
  •   IPhone, ipad, Android, and Blackberry have access to WordPress.com from mobile apps.


A Blogger has features including

  • Give your template designer for customizing your blog’s appearance.
  • Provide free hosting, free Blogger (or BlogSpot) sub domain and option of using a custom domain.
  •  There is the ability to add media to your posts, with no quoted maximum storage
  • In Blogger you have quick access to Google’s advertising schemes.
  • Mobile can be accessed via iPhone and Android apps, as well as email blogging and SMS.



The owner of Blogger is Google. Therefore, the company offers many Google built-in features like Adwords, Adsense, and Analytics which make the site useful for novice Bloggers.


WordPress is owned and hosted online by automatic. WordPress is created one year before that when Google purchased Blogger. It is created to give bloggers a more complex blogging platform.



The Blogger platform is very helpful when you just want to start a blog to share your thoughts. In the Blogger platform, we have limited control over your websites. In Blogger it is not possible to add some new SEO features.


With the help of WordPress, we get complete control over your blog, and you can do technically anything you want. You host your own files; can design his blog however you want. You can also use it for any purpose i.e. personal or professional.



Because you are the owner of your WordPress therefore, it is your duty to apply proper measures to prevent your website from any outside intrusion and malicious attack.


In Blogger you are from managing your website because Google has full control over that. You don’t worry regarding your website server recourses, website backup or securing your blog. Google is responsible to maintain all the technical aspects of your website.



WordPress is an open source platform and has a rich community of online helpers who are there to help you in all instances in the development of your website. You can get help online from experienced WordPress professionals and developers because WordPress has online documentation, community forums, and chat rooms. Using WordPress if you are in any trouble community is always there to support. 


On the other hand, there are limited sources including online documentation and limited chat forums in Blogger. While using Blogger if you are stuck somewhere there is little help that provides to solve your problem.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is a helpdesk where all the technical requirements are managed by the host. WordPress hosting comprises security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability.

Benefits OF WordPress Hosting:

Ideally WordPress Hosting is the best hosting for WP websites in most cases. WordPress hosting not only provide the best performance it also provides a range of features of WordPress management.

Following are the some benefits of WordPress Hosting;

  • Highly compact with WordPress
  • Increase the WP websites performance
  • Pre-installed to provide a plug and play environments for developers
  • Updates are done automatically
  • Using Code-Guard backups automatically
  • Make your jobs easier
  • Maintenance  all the tasks

Best WordPress Hosting Companies:

  • Dream-Host
  • Liquid web
  • Blue-host
  • Site-Ground
  • WordPress Engines

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Which is Better For Beginners

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