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Download Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Windows 11, 10, 7

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional was developed and published by Microsoft. It is a suite of multiple applications that will increase user productivity because Office 2016 provides multiple applications that are used on a daily basis for professional and student tasks. Moreover, It supports the Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, & Windows 7 operating systems for Windows. You can read more detailed features and release notes from the official website link.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional – Review

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional was released on September 22, 2015. It includes worldwide language package facilities. The responsive user interface fits on all platforms devices like desktop and mobile, due to this, it is highly recommended for professional and home use. It is known as the World’s most powerful office suite. Furthermore, it is fast and reliable and includes multiple programs such as Excel, Outlook, Word, Microsoft Team, OneDrive, etc.

In the latest release, Microsoft developers enhanced the features and fixed the existing bugs in Microsoft Office 2016 Professional. In this result, the User is getting improved documents, presentations, and calculations, and last but not least built-in security mechanisms are also enhanced. Now, users can make spreadsheets and presentations quickly with more advanced features, and built-in security mechanisms protect user data from stealing.

Microsoft Word has almost all modules from each edition plus more advanced features introduced. It is an amazing and fast tool for writing and editing text documents with a great user interface, Moreover, all functionality and features are easily accessible on the Word header. It allows users to collaborate with the team as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint is also the main program composed of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional, widely used for creating slide presentations for students and professionals. Now, users Powerpoint is allowing the user to share their PowerPoint presentations over the web by sending a link to them or using the free Office Presentation Service to deliver them, so their audience can join from anywhere. Users are also able to add special effects like fade-ins or fade-outs on slides.

In Microsoft Office Professional 2016, Users can quickly list and summarize data from a related table or query in Access. Click an item to open a detailed view of that item. Now, Users can create an Office document from a PC, and then it can be edited on a Tablet or Phone and not have to worry about moving files manually onto other devices. Microsoft has done great work on sharing with the new sharing button and via built-in collaboration tools. With Excel and PowerPoint, proper real-time collaboration is also available in Word.

Applications in Microsoft Office 2016 Professional

  • Microsoft Word 2016: An ideal word processing program for creating and editing documents. With many formatting tools to create professional-looking documents.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016: Excel allows professionals to perform calculations on data using functions, and formulas, and enhance presentation using charts, and graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: An image and multimedia creation program for producing slideshow presentations using text, images, animations, and transitions.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016: An email client providing features for managing email, calendars, tasks, and contact organization.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2016: An application designed for note-taking lets users capture, organize, and store notes, images, audio recordings, and other forms of media into digital notebooks.
  • Microsoft Access 2016: An accessible database management system designed for creating and organizing large amounts of data. Users are able to easily create, modify, and maintain databases within it.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2016: Microsoft Publisher 2016 is an efficient desktop publishing application used for designing brochures, flyers, newsletters, and other publications.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional – Features

Modern Charts

New modern charts and graphs in Excel help professionals explore and gain powerful insight into their business data.

One Drive Backup support

One Drive backup support is superb, it automatically backs up the user data into the One Drive, In case if you face any hacking attack on your system, One Drive will back up your all details safely.

Full-Featured Word Processing Tool

Microsoft Word included almost every feature of the previous version, with more enhancements, Moreover, new features were also introduced in Office 2016 latest release.

Pen and touchscreen support

Now, users can also use a touchscreen and pen feature to draw or write ideas in meetings.

PowerPoint presentation over the web

Users can share their PowerPoint presentations over the web by sending a link or using the free Office Presentation Service to deliver them so their audience can join them from anywhere. An animation feature is added that helps the design and makes design perfect animations.

Easier to make Spreadsheets

It also includes enhanced features that make it easier to make unique spreadsheets and presentations using PowerPoint.

Online Photo Printing Options

Save time with the online photo printing options in Publisher, earlier this feature was not available.

One Drive Support

Now, saving and loading files from One Drive using the desktop version of Word can be sluggish if their internet connection is faster.

Built-in Color Schemes & Page Border

Publishers are helping to simplify the design process by including several predefined color schemes and page borders.

Recognize Users Pattern and Auto-complete Data

Save users time formatting information in Excel to draw insights from their data faster. New tools recognize their pattern and auto-complete data.

New Modern Looks

The added Colorful theme gives users a modern look consistent across their devices.

Excel Data visualize

In Microsoft Excel, users can create fundamental forecasts on their data series with one click to visualize future trends.

Document Version History Control

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional also includes a new version of the history side panel. Version history is now easy to access, and Users can quickly restore an old version of their document within seconds.


In Microsoft Word 2016, Users can translate the Word or phrase and find synonyms.

Integrated Business intelligence

In Microsoft Office Professional, Business intelligence is now integrated into Excel.

Spelling Checker

Now, in Professional, it is easy to insert tables, images, and symbols. Now, MS Office is using an online spelling checker. It is easier to check their mistakes.

RMS support to Office for iPad

Microsoft already added RMS support to Office for iPad, which is in Microsoft Office 2016 Professional for Mac. Due to this, users can send an email that someone cannot forward or set an Excel, PowerPoint, or Word document so that it expires on a specific date and cannot be printed or copied.

Retina display for macOS

Document text and graphics look sharper than ever on the Retina display on their Mac, and presentations look stunning.

Quick Share

User can easily share their work and invite others to review or edit the documents same as Google Drive documents.

Mail Support

Users can Push Mail support ensures that their inbox is continuously updated.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional – Download

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