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Microsoft Project Professional 2010

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 free download for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Microsoft Project Professional 2010 is used for project planning and its visual estimate timeline planning. You can read the detailed feature from the official website.

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 – Review

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 software application is specially designed for project management. It was launched on June 15, 2010, with the Microsoft Office suite. Its user experience is more friendly as compared to its previous version, which will allow the user to do their tasks more easily. Microsoft Project Professional 2010 delivers powerful, visually enhanced ways to work perfectly and manage a wide range of projects using this software.

Now, it is much easier for users to be directly involved in the project to improve resource planning. This software application is designed for the project managers for their project management timeline and cost factor-related assessments. Its scheduling is more flexible, and tracking progress is mixed with timeline reviews and giving direct feedback about Project features to Microsoft. Moreover, it helps with project breakdown & assigns them to the team leads.

Each team lead divides the modules into sub-tasks and gives each task to the developers. Microsoft Project Professional 2010 makes this process easier with its great features. Using Microsoft Projects Professional, individuals, other teams, or Organizations perfectly plan and present projects successfully to clients or stakeholders. It allows the users to perform concurrent activities efficiently by highlighting multiple stories and choosing tasks to complete on the mentioned timeline.

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Microsoft Project Professional 2010 – Features

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 detailed feature discussion is mentioned below.

Project Planning

Gantt Chart

A powerful Gantt chart view was added in Microsoft Project Professional 2010 which helps the users to view and create the schedule of simple and complex projects. Users can create breakdown tasks, and milestones of each task, as well as task dependencies, that make the project timeline more easier to understand.

Task Information

Each task contains some information like its start date, end date, duration, resources, dependencies, and detailed description of what we are going to do in that particular task.

Team Planner

The Ideal feature in Microsoft Project Planner is an iterative resource view that simplifies complex resource eventualities.

Zoom In/Out Quickly

It has a Zoom In and Zoom Out feature by using mouse scroll, even users can Zoom in by using “ctrl” + “+” commands.

Synchronize with SharePoint

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 is auto-synchronized with SharePoint. Now, Publish your project timetable to a SharePoint task list, and get task updates from your resources.

Easier collaboration

Microsoft Project Professional has improved the collaboration experience, in which users can share the information related to the Project with their team.

Resource Management

Resource Assignment

It allows the assigned task to the specific resource to keep track of that particular task and keep track of the resource workload.

Resource Levelling

It supports task resource allocation optimization to prevent work overload on a particular person.


It allows the users to customize fields, views, and templates in Microsoft Project Professional 2010 for their specific project management needs.

Integration with Other Microsoft Tools

It supports the integration with other Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, SharePoint, and Excel, which make it easier to data import/export and team communication.

Risk Management

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 allows users to assess the project risks easily, with that users can easily manage and mitigate their project risks.

Task Dependencies and Constraints

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 allows you to set the dependencies on your project like finish-to-start, and start-to-start. Moreover, constraints allow the user to define the finish and start date of a particular task on a given date.

Critical Path Analysis

It helps a lot in finding critical path analysis, and which task is more important in project success. Moreover, it helps in a crucial task in planning so it will not affect the project delivery date.

Baseline Tracking

It has a Baseline tracking feature that allows the user to compare the original project plan with the team’s actual progress on that project. It helps to identify the deviation based on that managers, can take action.

Cost Management

Users can do cost management against the project by assigning cost resources to a particular task, and comparing the planned cost vs actual cost to take decisions related to cost management.

Versions and Collaboration

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 provides working supports with old versions of Projects, user can open the old version of the created project to the latest version.

Training and Support

On the Internet, a lot of documentation and video tutorials are available for training. Moreover, Microsoft is also providing documentation, online tutorials, and support to their users.

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 free Download

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Download Microsoft Project Professional 2010 for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 - 99Themes

Download Microsoft Project Professional 2010 32/64-bit for Windows. It was launched with new features and a shiny new interface that is more user-friendly.

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, & Windows 7

Application Category: Office Tools

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