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Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Enterprise ISO bootable image free download for 32-bit and 64-bit with direct link. Windows 7 Enterprise Edition has some amazing features but it is mainly focused on security, and efficiency in a business environment.

Windows 7 Enterprise – Review

Windows 7 Enterprise Edition is one of the Windows 7 Editions, which was developed by Microsoft. It is only designed for enterprise users. Windows 7 Enterprise Edition was released on 22 Oct 2009 with some amazing features which targeted Enterprise users. It includes all the features of Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft added some extra features in it that are targeted at Enterprise users.

Windows 7 Enterprise Edition – Features

Windows 7 Enterprise Edition has some amazing new features that are specially targeted for enterprises, let’s discuss the all features in more detail.

BitLocker Drive Encryption

Windows 7 Enterprise has an amazing BitLocker Drive Encryption feature that allows users to encrypt the entire hard drive to enhance security. This feature is useful in case someone loses their hard drive this feature will not allow access to that data by unauthorized users.


AppLocker is one of the best features that allows IT administrators to set restrictions on particular applications to run on a user’s system.


DirectAccess allows the user to access the corporate network remotely without a VPN.

New Desktop Wallpapers

Microsoft always comes up with some new attractive wallpapers in each Windows operating system. Now, Windows 7 has its attractive desktops available.


The BranchCache feature is specially designed for the Cache of the data that users can access using WAN (Wide Area Network). The data cache is useful for accessing the data more quickly from the local environment.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Enhancements

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enhancements are added in Windows 7 Enterprise. Now, Microsoft provides a better experience for Virtual Desktop in Windows 7 Enterprise.

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Packs

MUI Packs allow the users to switch operating system language to their preferred language.

Remote Desktop Host

Now, Windows 7 Enterprise supports the user to access their desktop remotely from anywhere. This is one of the amazing features that is most useful in enterprises for remote workers.

Entertainment & Games

This is good news for kids or game lovers. In Windows 7 Enterprise you will get some pre-installed games.

Easy to upgrade

User can easily upgrade their old operating system like Windows XP and Windows Vista to Windows 7 Enterprise directly. Moreover, now Microsoft also allows the user to keep their Windows 7 operating system up-to-date by enabling their auto updates.

Essential Apps and Drivers

Microsoft gives the pre-installed Drivers in Windows 7 Enterprise, now users don’t need to install the sounds, internet, and webcam drivers separately. In case any driver is missing Microsoft installs the particular driver in auto updates. For this user have to enable the Windows auto updates.

Security Enhancements

Microsoft made the security enhancements to keep their Windows 7 Enterprise security up to date. As everyone knows security is important to everyone and Microsoft also provides security patches in their auto updates to keep operating system security up to date.

Start Menu & Taskbar

The start menu and taskbar are improved in Windows 7, but it looks a bit similar to Windows Vista, there are small enhancements in the Start Menu and taskbar in Windows 7 Enterprise.

Windows media centre

Windows Media Centre is updated. Microsoft made enhancements in the design and the performance of Windows Media as well.

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Firewall Updates

Firewall is one of the major features in Windows 7 Enterprise for user security. Microsoft made the enhancements in the firewall and now it is protecting users devices from hacking. So, always make sure your firewall is on when the users are connected to the internet.

Desktop Search

Desktop search is added by Microsoft, it allows the user to search the files and folders within the system. Now, user can find their folder and files easily instead of searching in all folders manually. This feature also tells you the exact location of the file. So, this feature is one of the best features for Windows 7 Enterprise users.

Presentation Mode

Presentation mode is introduced, it allows the user to present the screen to any conference for their presentation. This feature is really helpful for the presentations. Presentation mode avoid interruption, so the presenter can focus on their slides or specific screen.

Personalize your Theme

Now, user can personalize their screen as per their need. It allows the user to change the taskbar location and color schemes. User can personalize their theme and use on their Operating system which can be pretty fun for Windows users.

Windows 7 – How to Install

Windows 7 Enterprise installation process is the same as the previous Windows editions. You can also download and install Windows from USB or CD by making the USB bootable and booting the system from USB, and then the installation process will start. You can make USB bootable with any software like Yummi.

Windows 7 Enterprise iso Free Download

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Download Windows 7 Enterprise ISO bootable Image 32/64-bit. It is an operating system is developed by Microsoft. It is released on Oct. 22, 2009.

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