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Windows Me

Windows Me (Millennium Edition) iso bootable image download. Microsoft released this operating system in September 2000. It was the latest upgrade of the Windows 98 operating system. Microsoft targets home users and focuses more on multimedia and internet enhancements in this operating system.

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Windows Me – Review

Windows Me operating system focuses on home and professional users. It has major enhancements as compared to Windows 98. Moreover, Microsoft also introduced some exciting features in this operating system. Now, the User experience is enhanced by Microsoft. Windows ME has familiarity with the Windows 98 user interface, but its user experience is a little better and looks more advanced.

In Windows Me, Microsoft introduced visual enhancements like a revised Start Menu and Taskbar. Moreover, utility applications such as System Restore, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Shell, and Automatic Software Update are also introduced in this operating system. Furthermore, the graphic quality is enhanced, and attractive background wallpapers are added in this operating system, which attracts Windows 98 users to upgrade their operating system to Windows Me.

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Windows Me – Features

Microsoft added new features to this operating system and updated the existing features.

Improved Plug and Play

Microsoft improved the plug-and-play offer in the Windows Me operating system. Now, users can easily attach the USB peripherals devices to their system and run them directly without configuring or installing their drivers.

Media Player

Media Player 7 is introduced in this operating system. Microsoft improved the playback capabilities in Media Player 7. Moreover, users can create the playlist and run their required playlist in Media players. 

Movie Maker

Movie Maker is one of the best features introduced by Microsoft. That is helpful in video creation and editing. By using Movie Maker features, users can edit their memorable videos easily and share their content with their loved ones.

Internet Explorer 5.5

Internet Explorer 5.5 is added, which offers fast and secure browsing as compared to its predecessors.

UPnP Support

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) support is added, allowing users to set up and configure network devices easily.

Enhanced Help and Support Center

Help and Support are enhanced in this operating system, which helps the users troubleshoot their crashes and problems to fix that particular issue.

Faster Boot Times

In this Operating System, Boot times are much faster than its predecessors.

On-Screen Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard is introduced in this operating system, which allows users to use the keyboard directly from Windows Me. This feature is helpful in case any user faces keyboard failure. They can use the On-Screen Keyboard to do their work.

Automatic Windows Update

Windows Me/Millennium Edition has a Windows Auto-update feature. That is helpful to keep the operating system up to date.

System File Protection

System file protection is an amazing and useful feature that allows users to recover their deleted, corrupted, or modified files from the system.

Generic Drivers for USB devices

Now, users don’t need to install any drivers for the USB drives; the Windows Me operating system allows the user to connect USB drives directly to their system.


It has some built-in games for users to play in free time. It includes Classic Heart, Classic Solitaire, Microsoft FreeCell, Microsoft Internet Backgammon, Microsoft Internet Checkers, Microsoft Internet Hearts, Microsoft Internet Reversi, and Microsoft Internet Spades. So, in free time users can play these free games. Moreover, users can also install and play games in this operating system, it has a games support.

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Windows Me ISO free download

Users can download the Windows Me operating system directly by clicking the download button.

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