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Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional ISO bootable image 32-bit and 64-bit free download the full trial version. Windows XP Professional is one of the world’s best-selling operating systems. It is a lightweight operating system. That was launched on 24 August 2001 as part of Microsoft’s Windows NT family. Its user-friendly interface attracts professionals.

Windows XP Professional – Review

Windows XP Professional Edition was specifically designed for professionals. Microsoft keeps professional basic requirements in mind and offers almost all important required features. This release is more focused on advanced features compared to earlier editions. Windows XP Professional Edition is designed for business professionals. Also, they keep this operating system lightweight and run efficiently on low-specification hardware. Now, it has a built-in Media Player. Furthermore, network connectivity and firewall security settings are also enhanced.

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Windows XP Professional – Features

Microsoft stopped the Windows XP Professional support, but its features were most advanced in that era, that’s why it was one of the most successful operating system in history. Let’s discuss the features of Windows XP Professional.

User-Friendly interface

It has a user-friendly and eye-catching interface, that’s why users can learn this operating system easily.

User Management

It has user management features that simplify creating, editing, and monitoring other user accounts and their permissions. At home, each member can create a private user on Windows XP. Moreover, In-office team members can have their profiles on their office computers. Furthermore, it allows users to set the folder’s access and rights.

Disk Management

Disk Management is one of the attractive features introduced in Windows XP Professional. It allows users to create, format, and manage disk partitions with more ease. Earlier, users needed to use third-party software applications to do disk management tasks. Now, users don’t need to pay third parties. It is a free feature for Windows users. It helps a lot in managing available space as well, and users can optimize the disk.

Security & Privacy

Windows XP Professional is much more advanced in security and privacy than the old operating system. Microsoft increased its security system and offered updated protection features against malware and threats. Furthermore, it provides efficient Internet Explorer navigation capabilities.

Automatic Software Updates

Microsoft added the auto updates feature in Windows XP. Now, auto-updates always keep the operating system up to date. Users have to select the auto updates from settings, or else they need to do this action manually. Auto updates will work in the operating system background and automatically install the latest patches to Windows.

Storage Type Switching

Users can switch the storage type in Windows XP Professional from Dynamic to Basic and Basic to Dynamic.

Multiple Language Support

Windows XP Professional supports the multi-language.

CD/DVD Burning

Now, Windows XP Professional provides CD/DVD burning support, so users can write their data into CDs and make multiple copies of the specific data. Moreover, users can play music and watch movies directly from the CD/DVD.

File overwriting Protection

Windows file protection manager helps in file protection, and regular system updates will not affect any of the system files. In case any file is mistakenly overwritten by the user, the file protection manager will help the user restore that particular file automatically.

Better Photo Handling

Now, Photo handling is improved in Windows image view, as well as users can directly print that particular image using the print command.

Fast Internet Support

Users can enjoy the fast internet performance as compared to the older operating system. The crashing while browsing the internet issue is resolved now.

Start Menu

Eye-catching Start Menu is added by Microsoft, which should include a list of programs that are quickly accessible to the users. Moreover, Now the Windows Taskbar is enhanced.

Wi-Fi Wireless Connection Support

Now, Wi-Fi wireless connection support is also added in Windows XP Professional. It will provide automatic wireless connection support and peer-to-peer networking support to users.

System Restore

System Restore feature is introduced in Windows XP Professional. In case anyone loses the data accidentally, this feature allows the user to restore the operating system on a back date. In that way, user can easily get back their data on that backdate. However, users must enable the System Restore point first from settings. Otherwise, they will not get the restore point.

Command Prompt

Windows XP Professional provides administrators with an efficient command-line interface (Command Prompt). The command line also is helpful for running programs using the command line directly. Microsoft added an option for the users. If they want to use the command line, then the Command Prompt is made for them. Furthermore, a command prompt is used to grant access to many utilities and administrative tools.

Group Policy Editor

This feature is amazing for networking because it provides centralized management of computer and user settings across an Active Directory network.

Easy to Install

Now, installation is easy in Windows XP. Earlier, users had to format and select the Drive by using commands. Now, Microsoft has added a User interface for all these kinds of actions.

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Windows XP Professional – System Requirements

Windows XP Professional installation requirements are mentioned below.

  • CPU: Pentium or compatible, 233 MHz BIOS or compatible firmware
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Free Space: 1.5 GB
  • Display: Super VGA (800×600)

Windows XP Professional – Download

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Windows XP Professional ISO bootable image 32-bit and 64-bit free download the full trial version. Windows XP Professional is one of the world's best-selling.

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